The Huc Bridge, Hanoi, Vietnam

I am Austrian and I am also a travelholic. Whenever I have free time, I travel to different countries in different continents, and try to go to as many countries as possible. Last month was my summer holiday, and the destination was Vietnam.

The Huc Bridge, Hanoi, Vietnam
The Huc Bridge, Hanoi, Vietnam

To prepare for the trip, I searched the Internet for information about Vietnam visa, air tickets, hotel reservations, tours and some basic things. I chose a famous travel company in Vietnam named ‘Eviva’ and the service was really good. They prepared everything for me and my trip to Vietnam was perfect.

When I reached Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, I spent two day wandering around Hanoi by cyclo. I went to many famous places such as Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh’s Residence, temple of Literature & National University, Thang Long Water Puppet theatre. I had a chance to try some Vietnam traditional food, they are all delicious, but I love ‘Pho’ and ‘bun oc’ the most. The third day, I went to Nha Trang Beach. The most interesting thing here is that there are so many bars, pubs, and restaurant for foreigners, some are in English, others are in Russian, French, German which made me feel familiar and comfortable. The beach was beautiful and the services were all good. I stay here for two days and then went to Saigon by train. Saigon roads are larger than Hanoi, and the food is also different from Hanoi, but all of them are cheap and delicious. I love to see differences of two cities from the North and the South of Vietnam. The last day, I went back to Hanoi, had ‘Pho’ and a cup of tea for breakfast, walked around, bought some souvenirs for my family and my friends then came back home.

During the time I was in Vietnam, I met some Vietnamese friends; they are all friendly and kind. They helped me a lot to choose famous places to go, traditional foods and drinks to try, which made my days in a whole new place become easier.

That was a memorable trip, I miss Vietnam already and I hope someday I can visit Vietnam and friendly people there, again!


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