fried shrimp cake
Photo: cookpad

When the autumn winds blow, Hanoians often enjoy typical snacks reminiscent of childhood.

Snacks are not only a characteristic flavor of Hanoi’s fall, but they are also an indispensable part of the capital’s charm. Let’s explore the list of dishes that visitors to the capital should try in the fall.

Banh tom (fried shrimp cake)

  • Shops: Hang Bo street (Hoan Kiem district), West Lake (Thanh Nien street), Co Am (Dong Xuan, Hang Chieu street), Ba Loc (Nguyen Hong street).
  • Price: VND10,000 (US$0.4) per piece.

Banh duc nong (hot rice flan)

Banh duc nong-hot rice flan
Photo: top10diachi
  • Shops: Le Ngoc Han street, Nghia Tan market, Hang Be street, C2 Trung Tu apartment
  • Price: VND10,000 – VND15,000 (US$0.4 – US$0.6) per bowl.

Ha cao chien, banh goi (fried dumplings, fried pillow cakes)

Ha cao chien, banh goi
Photo: healthplus
  • Shops: Goc Da (Ly Quoc su street), Hien Hao (Hoe Nhai street), Trung Tu street, Oanh Oanh (De La Thanh street), Nguyen Luong Bang street.
  • Price: VND20,000 – VND40,000 (US$0.8 – US$1.7).

Chao suon sun (pork rib cartilage porridge)

Chao suon sun, pork rib cartilage porridge
Photo: vnitourist
  • Shops: Bach Khoa (Ta Quang Buu street), Dong Xuan market, Doi Can, Luong Su C.
  • Price: VND10,000 – VND20,000 (US$0.4 – US$0.6).

Source: Hanoitimes