Located just a few kilometers from the city centre Danang International Airport is used as both a civil and military airport. The airport is the third largest in the country corresponding to Danang’s status as Vietnam’s third largest city with a population of approximately 750,000. If you plan to visit famous China Beach or the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Hoi An then you will probably fly into Danang International Airport.

Built in 1940 the airport has two modern runways with a length of 3045m capable of handling large aircraft. Danang receives domestic flights from all over Vietnam as well as international flights from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Vientiane, Phnom Penh and Taipei.

A recent upgrade of the terminal building at a cost of US $75 million has increased the capacity of the airport to 4 million passengers per year in line with the tremendous economic growth through business and tourism that is seen in the area.


Once you disembark your plane head through the quarantine concourse to the baggage claim area. If you need to pick up your Visa on Arrival head to the VOA desk, fill in the form and hand them your passport along with the letter you received from the online visa application you made prior to your flight.

You shouldn’t have to wait more than 15 minutes to get your passport back with the visa stamped inside however it may be a little chaotic if there are a lot of people. Head to the passport control area through immigration to the customs inspection area.

Outside from the customs area you will find a foreign currency exchange and it is a good idea to get some local currency here before finding a taxi into the city centre. The arrival hall also has a tourist information desk if you need help securing a hotel or tour bookings.


All the check in counters are on the ground floor of the terminal building. Once you pass through the initial security checkpoint the international check in counters are directly in front of you. Through this there is passport control where you complete immigration procedures before heading into the departure lounge. You will need to pass one more security checkpoint at the boarding gate before boarding your flight.

Transport Options

Danang International Airport is only 2.5 km south-west of the city centre and airport taxis are the only means to reach the city. The taxi rank is located just outside the arrivals hall and the fare is about 80 cents per kilometer. Be sure your driver turns on the metre and always have small change with you as drivers do not like changing larger notes.

Eating & Drinking

While you wait for your flight you can have a snack or drink at the restaurants however both are located in the domestic travel areas. A café is located at the domestic arrivals hall and the second is situated in front of the passenger terminal. This second venue serves light meals and drinks however if you are in need of some more nourishing food you had better eat before you leave the city.


The departure hall has two ATMs, international telephones and an internet area. Wifi internet access is also available in the Business Lounge area. Apart from some TVs in the departure lounge there is no entertainment in the airport.

Shopping and Duty Free

Danang International Airport has a couple of shopping outlets. There is a shopping centre at the domestic departure terminal which is adjacent to the international departure terminal. There are also souvenir shops in the waiting lounge of the domestic departure terminal. These souvenir shops sell some local specialty foods, local handicrafts and some silk clothing. The international passenger departure lounge has some duty free shops selling the usual collection of cosmetics, jewellery, alcohol and chocolates.

  • Address: Hoa Thuan Tay Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang
  • Tel: +84 511 382 3397