When having made a big decision to get a Vietnamese wife, honestly, I just let my emotions lead. Our first meet was in my country, Korea and as a love-at-1st-sight effect, I followed her to come to Vietnam without researching any relevant information such as marriage procedure, spouse visa, living conditions, etc. It is truly love leading first and everything will then come 🙂 Frankly speaking, I managed to find everything once I got to Vietnam; therefore, I really want to share with you some of my experiences to help you deal with these easily.

On the day I entered Vietnam, I used a tourist visa; it was quite simple to apply for this type of visa at that time (before the outbreak of COVID-19). I applied for a 3-month tourist visa via Just by filling an online form, making payment, and then getting the approval letter after 2 working days, it is so simple and I thought this simplicity brings a good signal of living there.

The second experience I want to share in this post is how to prepare the marriage registration. As I said, I came to Vietnam to get married with the girl I love; therefore all documents are collected in Vietnam as well. To get married to a Vietnamese, you need to ask your Embassy to issue the Certificate of No-marriage Records and Biographic Information Sheet. All documents must be translated into Vietnamese, I didn’t know this point and as the result, it took me more time to drop by the Vietnamese Committee than normal. You have also to prepare yourself the affidavit of single status and the application for marriage registration in Vietnam. Once all documents are ready, you can submit to get the marriage registration.

After I had got the marriage registration, I went on the next steps to stay in Vietnam in the right laws. I must change my visa from tourist to spouse visa; then I asked to support me again. They promptly solved my issue as the first time support, they helped me to get TRC for 3 years without hassle. All the dossiers I sent to them are the copy of the marriage registration, my spouse guarantee signed and stamped by the People Committee; then after 5 working days of processing, I got the document I want. How fast and simple it is!

One more experience I wish to share is how to get a birth certificate if your child is born in Vietnam. I truly want my child to have dual nationalities, therefore, after having got the certificate of live birth issued by the hospital; I made 2 copies for my country and Vietnamese. If possible, you should make several copies just in case. Then I submitted it together with our marriage registration, the affidavit of the child’s nationality, passport copy of parents. And finally, my baby has both mother and father nationality, it is extremely happy for her.

I hope this information in this post is helpful for expats living in Vietnam. I will try to share more of what I have done to help all of you far away from the first bewilderment.

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