Vietnam in my initial impression is a hospitable country, people are very enthusiastic and the scenery is very beautiful. It comes from the time I asked for Vietnam visa, tour information and then my real trip. Hope that you will get some useful information for your future trip to Vietnam with my below experience in getting Vietnam visa and Vietnam tour information.

1/ visto per il Vietnam: My visa has successfully done online at

I found this website by the key word “Vietnam visa”. Actually, for sure, I emailed sales person at this website first to ask for some questions I already knew. They responded promptly for each of my questions and gave me some very useful recommendation. Quindi, I applied for visa on arrival with them and got it just 1,5 days after. Good work and very professional.

2/ Vietnam Tour: I did not buy tour from any travel agency. As my experience, besides seeking for other comments in Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet, just email to some big travel agencies in Vietnam that have professional websites to ask them for information. It quite useful. You can get information quickly and exactly.

For example, I asked the same questions to three agencies that are Huongiang travel, Eviva Tour, and Bufalo tours. I chose them since their websites are informative and have many good comments in forums. Poi, I got their answers after 1 day. Especially, the Eviva Tour not only answered my questions very promptly but also gave me lots of useful information about hotels, ristoranti, and the distance between attractions I interest. In other words, they are all really enthusiastic.

After all, I operated a 7 day 6 night tour to 3 cities of Viet Nam by myself where I visited the city of motorbikes (Ho Chi Minh city), loved the peaceful town of Hoi An and marveled at Ha Noi – the capital city of Viet Nam.

Actually, there are many ways to find out information before your trip to a new strange country such as: Asking your friends’ experience, refering information in some famous tourist forums, reading travel books, eccetera. I hope that my experiences above will help you in getting information for your trip not only to Viet Nam but also to other countries.

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