Health quarantine in airport
sanitaria di quarantena in aeroporto

During this mostly negative time caused by the global impact of nCOVID-19, I would like to share my experience in Vietnam to show my great gratitude to teach me much.

I decided to go to Vietnam in early March, it was really my turning point on that day when I had some free time and I looked around on the internet to find the way to go to this country. As a Belarus passport holder, I am free of visa 15 giorni; però, I still collected some information from a trusted visa agency in Vietnam to avoid any unexpected might. Thanks to, I know that my visa of 15 days can be extended from 15 days or 1 month, just bringing to them my passport is enough to get the extension, I decided if I need more time to explore Vietnam, I will contact them.

On the day I arrived at Noi Bai airport; to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus, all passengers entering Vietnam will undergo the mandatory health check and the intensive quarantine if they come from any country of origin or have some signs of COVID-19 infection. I thought it is so time-consuming for those who are young and strong like me. And when they informed me that they would send me to quarantine because of some signs of COVID-19 which I had got at that time, I was really gonna go mad. A small and quick thinking inside me reminded me that it is okie, my brave and strong girl. Then everything went on.

I heard that some people complained about the conditions under quarantine and I myself experienced and frankly speaking it is not good as my standard, but overall it is ok. My adaptation to the new situation is quicker than I thought, I love the daily routines there; everyday I got up early and did some exercises with the lovely face mask around the isolation place :D. It might be said that it is the most healthy lifestyle I have ever had. 14 day of quarantine is so quick and I will bear it in my mind all those days.

Health quarantine in border
Health quarantine in border

I still want to make use of my trip to learn more about Vietnam, so I decided to contact to Vietnam visa agency named above to extend my visa 15 days more. During my passport sent away, I myself volunteered in some activities to show my great thanks to Vietnam’s action to save their country. Vietnam is a small and poor country indeed; however their strong and dratted actions for precaution of this pandemic outbreak make a good example for all power countries. Hope my country, Belarus will evaluate and act the same here.