I have been working in Vietnam for 5 years and had a lot of trips, both business and vacation, to many different places over this country. However, the most memorable trip was the one I had with my nephew 3 years ago in Moc Chau.
At first, I hardly knew anything about Moc Chau until my nephew asked me to go with him. I did my research and found out that Moc Chau, a town in Son La province, is nearly 200 km away from Ha Noi. This mountainous town is very quiet and beautiful filled with vast flower fields, especially splendid in spring with cherry-blossom forest. That was convinced enough for me and we decided to go by motorbike since my nephew, a local guide from Eviva Tour Vietnam, knew the road very well.

Mai Chau Valley

Heading west along the National Highway No. 6 from Ha Noi through Hoa Binh province to Son La province, it took us about 4 hours to the destination. Moc Chau plateau was fully covered in giant fields of white and yellow small flowers. The area also was surrounded by terraced tea hills, limestone mountains, endless plum-tree gardens, corn fields, etc. That was the end of January and the spring definitely touched Moc Chau with its breath of freshness and youth. All of these really made me feel healthy and revived again. Excitedly, we together screamed out loud “How beautiful it is”.

It was very interesting to watch many couples from other cities travel here to take their wedding pictures in different eye-catching costumes and made the area a colorful picture. Moc Chau is also famous for its fresh cow milk, milk cakes, yoghurt and other dairy products thanks to many nearby farms. These products can be easily bought at lots of milk shops in the town and along the highway.

We left Moc Chau after 3 days and still were in a castle in the air. Hope you will love it like we did.