Nobody can predict the horrible consequences which many countries are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. Despite taking the effort to control this nightmare, the reports of who have recorded 513.913 deaths (updated 01/07/2020). One-third of the population world is now living under some form of the lock down. Many countries impose travel bans, destinations shuttered, restaurants and bars closed, many airlines temporarily suspend services.

This may be a hard time when you are stuck in Vietnam and it is difficult to get back home. But frankly, it is better if you choose to stay in Vietnam within a short-time until this pandemic will be controlled. Why do i think so? Keep reading below:

The reason of staying in Vietnam at this time

In case you are from European countries, Iran, America, Italian, I think the decision of staying in Vietnam is essential. The risk of infection in your country is pretty high. The hospitals are overloaded so it is extremely dangerous. Or even if you do not come to those countries, you could be canceled the ticket flight without announcing far in advance. In case of transit flight, you could be stuck in a new country. Until this time Vietnam is still a safe country because of government management and Vietnamese’s high consciousness in society. Therefore, you should be in Vietnam instead of coming back home.

You are nervous that you could be quarantined, could be ground in a hospital. Life in quarantine is so good with enthusiasm served from doctors, polices and nurses. Maybe the summary of Gavin Wheeldon below will demonstrate what I say.

Some short stories

Gavin Weeldon’s diary: He is a British and falls in love with a Vietnamese girl. Their love is so huge that he decided to leave home to build a career in Vietnam. Gavin shares that he loves this country from people, cuisine, culture to nature. But their reunion was delayed as soon as Gavin set foot in the airport. He was quarantined within 14 days at a military base. He described the tranquil countryside landscape where he can see through windows, the fresh air, the enthusiasm of doctors, the priority with foreign, etc. On behalf of many people here, Gavin makes everyone what they are received from the Vietnamese government. Many letters of thanks from foreign people are sent to doctors.

Gavin Weeldon’s diary
Source: Gavin Weeldon’s diary

I know that nowhere can be compared to your home, your country, especially in this period. But I believe that Vietnam is now even safer than your country at this time.

Advice for you

1. First and foremost, you have to extend your Vietnam visa. Try to select a good company quickly offering the visa extension service. You can reference the service at some websites such as or Although all their staff work from home, they are always ready to support you. They are so quick, efficient, caring and responsible.

2. Staying in a hotel is the right choice. Because of the pandemic, these are the places having fewer tourists and it’s safer for your health. The hotel rates now are also cheaper. And the most important, you should wear a mask if you go out of the room, communicate with anyone, etc. That thing makes locals feel safe and does not discriminate against you. Actually, it is to protect yourself.

3. Eating and Drinking: Almost all big restaurants, bars are closed in the main cities but you have their hotel staff found the small restaurant in alleys or narrow streets. But at this time, you should eat before 8:00 because it can close earlier. Another way is downloading Grabfood, Foody- food delivery service. In case you do not stay in big cities such as Hanoi, Hochiminh, Finding restaurants is quite simple. But you should avoid crowded restaurants.

All of this information is from my point of view, you should consider making the right decision.