vietnam e-visa

So, What is Vietnam E-Visa?

If you plan a short trip to Vietnam and single entry only, E-visa is the most suitable choice. E-visa (an electronic visa) is a visa issued to foreigners by the electronic system of the Vietnamese Immigration Department. Therefore, you do not need to get E-visa through any visa service provider.

You must note that:

  • This visa will be valid for a limited period of time: 30 days in maximum
  • This visa type is for tourism purpose only, not for business or any kind of visa type

Check whether you are eligible to e-Visa or Not?

Not all countries can have E-Visa. Just 80 NATIONS that allowed E-visa issuing through official website of Vietnam Immigration Department via the link. Now let’s check whether you are in this list or not!

If you are in the country that is not eligible for E-visa, you can consider Visa-On-Arrival or get your visa through Vietnam Embassy in your nation that you’re living in or maybe through a trustworthy travel agency in Vietnam such as:

One more important thing to notice is that Vietnam Consular Department has temporarily stopped issuing e-Visa for foreigners who are in or have recently visited areas where Covid-19 is spreading since March, 8th 2020, and do not know how long this period will continue. But you can read this article to get some information as well as advice about E-visa in advance. Then when we successfully overcome this harsh period together, you can get your own E-visa immediately to travel to this wonderful land.

What documents needed to get your own Vietnam e-Visa?

First and foremost, you need to make sure your passport has:

  • 6-month validity (at least)
  • 02 blank pages in minimum

After prepared all things below, follow these steps to get your own e-Visa

Apply Vietnam e-visa sample

Note: When you upload your portrait and passport image page, you can use your Iphone instead of professional camera. Just make sure the image must be clear and stable.

  • Then fill in with all your correct information, just very basic such as: your full name; passport number; passport expire date,…

Apply Vietnam e-visa sample

  • They will ask you to verify your information before giving you a registration code. Please note and secure it, you will need it later in order to track your application.
  • Paying for $25 fee and wait. In addition, you must spend 1$ more if you pay by credit card.

Note: American Express cards will not be accepted and in the worst situation: when your application is refused, this fee is non-refundable.

Note: You should print 02 copies of the Evisa, and your visa photos must be in passport size (4cmx6cm)

Carefully, because the feeling of being scammed is not awesome!

A ton of websites claims to be the “official” Vietnam e-visa website. In fact, there’s ONLY ONE OFFICIAL WEBSITE for you to submit your application, therefore, always keep your wits about you!

I have some common tips that might help you recognize the scam site:

  • In addition, scam website might have a fee called “Service fee”. Remember you just need to pay only 25$ for your evisa, and $1more for processing in case you pay by credit card online. If you see there’s a “Service fee” included, get out of that page right away
  • Next common signal is: the website will take forever to load and image on website is not clear at all

It sounds simple or excessive to you but there are some people who still have trouble with fake websites such as Thus, friendly reminder again is that just go to official website with in the end of the link.