Visiting Vietnam at any other time of the year, you will have different experiences, especially in summer. During the hottest months, the S-shaped country’s weather can be a real challenge. Let’s scroll down this post to see what you should do to stay “cooling” in Vietnam during the summer.

Specialize features of climate in Vietnam

Generally, the climate of Vietnam is a combination of a tropical and temperate zone with the whole country experiencing the effects of the annual monsoon. Because of the long coastline, Vietnam is divided into three distinct weather patterns: the North, the Central, and the South. As a result, the summer in each pattern is also different.

In the North of Vietnam, there are four main seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Located in the tropical climate, the weather in the North is more distinctive seasonal changes of weather. April to June is the season of summer when it is very hot and the average temperature is around 30oC to 38oC (86oF to 100.4oF). Additionally, it is also the best time for travelers coming to the South of Vietnam to explore the mountainous areas and unique historical sites since the summer holiday for Vietnamese people means beach trips. One of the most important things is that the afternoons people can see thunderstorms with some extremely heavy rain.

Crowded streets in Hanoi during the summer
Crowded streets in Hanoi during the summer

Different from the North, the Central and the South have only two seasons in a year including the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is also the summer season. As a result, the temperature in this place is from 34oC up to 45oC (93.2oF up to 113oF). Moreover, there was also a lot of heavy rain and typhoons at that time. If you want to visit Central Vietnam, you should choose to come during the early summer (from May to June). On the other hand, the temperature in the South is always around 33oC (91.4oF) during the year. However, the early summer can make you feel dehydrated, tired, or exhausted because of the dry season.

Tranquil Central Vietnam in the hottest months
Tranquil Central Vietnam in the hottest months

Some tips to stay “cooling” in Vietnam during the hottest months

The hot feeling in Vietnam might be a bit different due to the tropical climate, which is hot and humid at the same time. The weather during the day can change rapidly from scorching hot to torrent rain many times in a day. To have a good trip with many unforgettable memories and great experiences, the tips below can help you to avoid “heat shock” when traveling to Vietnam in the summer.

Replenish water for your body and skin

To survive during the hottest months, one of the popular tips is to drink lots of water so that your body has enough fluid to function in the heat. As we know, getting enough water every day is crucial for your health, especially on hot days. Staying adequately hydrated will give you higher energy and increase physical performance. Moreover, drinking more water can help you to avoid the consequences of too little water like low blood pressure, headaches, or sunstroke. Recent research indicates that exactly how much water is dependent on physical activity levels and temperatures. When there is a heavier exercise or higher heat in the summer, more water is lost.

Another direct way to apply water to your body evenly is using the mineral spray. It will help to instantly refill water and cool down your skin. So remember to drink more water during the hottest months to stay healthy and hydrated or you can bring a compact water bottle/ mineral spray bottle or wet tissue in your bag when hanging out.

Eat diverse kinds of fresh dishes

On hot temperature days, Vietnamese people prefer to eat dishes made from fresh and nutritious ingredients like veggies, succulent fruits, beans… One of the most common ingredients is tofu. Being made from organic soybean and having a naturally sweet taste, tofu contains a large amount of protein, calcium, and vitamin E. Additionally, it is very cheap and easy to cook. You can eat raw, blanch, fry, boil, or cook soup with tofu. Especially soymilk, another product of soybean, is a popular drink in the summer.

In the meals of Vietnamese people on the summer days, crab soup is not a missy dish. With rice fields, this is a delicious combination of high-level protein and calcium supplements. Otherwise, the “cold ingredient” of crab plus a large number of vegetables will make the summer flow smoothly.

If the Western have ice cream after the main dishes to cool them down in the hottest months, Che or sweet porridge is the best dessert to deal with the heat in Vietnam. Che is a Vietnamese sweet drink, soup, or pudding that includes a syrupy liquid poured over ice. There are various kinds of Che but the most favorite is served with a type of bean, fruit, jelly, or grain. If you are traveling to Vietnam in the summer, you should try it – stopping at the Che vendors on the streets and tasting the chewy and freshness of this dessert. It will satisfy that sweet tooth, and cool you off on a hot day.

Located in a tropical monsoon climate, there are various kinds of fruit you can choose to survive in hot weather. Some of the freshest fruits are citrus fruits including orange, pomelo, or tangerine. Containing a large amount of vitamin C, these fruits can help enhance immunity and prevent cancer. Pineapple is another good choice for summer days. It can bring many vitamins, and minerals as well as a low fat and cholesterol level. In addition, watermelon – a symbol of summer is also an ideal treatment. This fresh fruit has various kinds of vitamins that can prevent your body from dehydration and make your skin smoother.

Protect your skin: Put on sunscreen, bring sunglasses, a summer hat, thin coat especially when commuting by motorbike

Traveling to Vietnam in the summer, one of the most common images is that all of the local people try to cover their bodies as much as they can. So why do they wear like this? Because of the hot season, people often wear a lightweight jacket or thin scarf to protect their skin from direct UV sunlight. If you don’t want to “burn”, remember not to go around just wearing a tank top or any sleeveless, at least not during late morning and noon. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses, a summer hat, and a thin coat in dark colors to combat the heat. And when the sun has ducked down below the blue skyline, you can bust out your fancy clothing and mingle in the interesting nightlife.

Use sandals and remember to bring a raincoat

The most special thing about the climate of Vietnam is that the hot season is also the dry season. As a result, it can be easy to see thunderstorms with some extremely heavy showers in the afternoon. Besides bringing clothes to protect yourself from the sun, you should bring an umbrella or raincoat if you have a plan in the afternoon. Moreover, a pair of sandals is preferable to a pair of shoes in case the rain may suddenly come.

Hanoi is the city with the second largest population density in the country after Ho Chi Minh city, its frequency of flooding in the rain is also famous. After hours of torrential rain, the water level can reach to your angle, your knee or even higher part of your body. This status will not be long but if you don’t want your beloved pairs of shoes soaked in water or your comfort slippers travel around with the stream, you better be careful. Before you decide to go out, check things you should put on your bag, look at the sky or check the weather forecast at local spot.

Jump on the beaches to refresh

For the summer holiday, beaches seems to be the number 1 option for everyone. Thanks to more than 3000 kilometers (more than 1864 miles) of coastline, there are many beautiful beaches for Vietnamese people and travelers to refresh and stay “cooling”. If you are looking for adventurous activities by the sea, Da Nang or Phan Thiet beaches are the best places for you. But if you love the tranquil clean blue beaches with the glorious seashore, Ky Co and Tu Binh are your paradises. Additionally, there are also some marvelous islands like Phu Quoc or Con Dao that can give you the most exclusive experience.

Ky Co Beach
Ky Co Beach

Go to the tranquil mountain area to escape the long working hours

Vietnam is not only famous for its white sandy beaches but also attracts visitors with breathtaking mountainous destinations. Located in the high mountains, the temperature is not too hot like in the delta, it is very comfortable. The summer months are also the rice harvest season in Northern Vietnam. So, if you are looking for a place to get away from the stress of every day, why don’t you go to the mountainous attractions to experience the colorful and romantic golden rice terraces? Some of the famous destinations to have the best view are Sapa, Pu Luong, Ninh Binh, and Ha Giang.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve
Beautiful golden rice terraces in Pu Luong


Although Vietnam’s weather in summer is a little bit challenging, it is always the best time to travel to this beautiful and friendly country under the sunshine, also a way to experience the culture of people in daily life. Hope that these recommendations are helpful for you to have a great experience during your stay in Vietnam. Wish you a memorable vacation!

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